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There are few weather events that can cause the severity of storm damage repair brooklyn park mndamage in such a short period of time as a tornado, which is usually accompanied by hail damage as well. The uplift caused during this type of weather event not only causes damage to the roof, but to underlying structural components. The devastation left in the wake of such a storm necessitates immediate action to secure the property and prevent additional storm damage Brooklyn Park MN. At Minnesota Remodeling Solutions we give you peace of mind when it comes to an unfortunate event like this. Call Us Today – (763) 273-8270!

Contact A Professional Storm Damage Restoration Company

A call to MN Remodeling Solutions will initiate an emergency response team that will be able to weatherproof your home/building, provide professional assessment of the damages and, if necessary, emergency shoring and support.

We are committed to providing quality tornado damage reconstruction services to commercial and residential customers. As our number one priority–putting people first–we’ve become a leader in insurance restoration.

Our services include:
• Total Reconstruction, Restoration, and Remodeling.
• 24 Hour Emergency Services including: Tree Removal, Board-Up, Temporary Shoring and Weatherproofing
• Water Extraction and Drying
• Content Cleaning, Packing, Moving, and Storage
• Mold Abatement and Remediation
• Written Warranty

You can rest assured that your storm damage Brooklyn Park MN project will be handled with top quality workmanship and our customer service will exceed your expectations.


Hail and Storm Damage Repair Specialists

The MRS storm restoration team is a cut above other contractors when it comes to hail, window, and storm damage. MRS will work hard to get your roof and home back to quality standards. When it comes to storm damage insurance claims, our commitment is to provide expert handling of your home and quality craftsmanship of your installation.

Each loss is different, but the MRS process in mitigating damage, restoring property, and managing the recovery process remains consistent, dependable, and reliable.

At MRS, we are committed to our clients. We believe that the true measure of our performance, on any project, is whether we fulfilled our client’s expectations, made a lasting contribution to their home restoration project and consistently honored their best interests.

hail damage repair brooklyn park mnWhen large hail and strong winds exist near Brooklyn Park, your home may sustain considerable hail damage to roofing, siding, gutters. Hail damage can affect your property in many ways: damage to asphalt shingles can cause soft spots or bruising that may or may not be visible to the naked eye, hail impacts will also tend to loosen the hard granules that make up the top surface of the shingle, and in some cases hail will cause enough damage to break through the shingles felt matting and cause its fibbers to be exposed.

Hail damage to vinyl siding will normally be shown by visual breaks, cracks or holes in the siding product. Normally if these items are not present, your siding has not been damaged. Aluminum siding on the contrary shows damage in other ways. Large hail will produce dents throughout the entire elevation of aluminum siding. Even smaller hail with high velocity crosswinds will produce dents large enough to cause significant damage to the aluminum. Even small dents are considered cosmetic damage by your insurance carrier and in most cases are covered under your property insurance policy.


How to do an initial inspection for hail damage:

1. Look at the drain downspouts around your house. If you see a high concentration of black mineral deposits around the downspouts, this may be a sign of damage to your roof.

2. Check your gutters. If the metal gutters have dents or dings from the hail, there is a good chance that your shingles were damaged as well.

3. Inspect the ceilings in your home for signs of a leak. This is evidenced by discolored patches or holes in the ceiling and the presence of moisture.

4. Climb on the roof and check the shingles. The signs can be as subtle as a small dimple in a few shingles. If you suspect damage, contact Minnesota Remodeling Solutions and have one of our specialists thoroughly inspect your property.


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