MN Storm Damage Insurance Claim Process

We Make Filing Your Claim Easy

The Inspection and Filing the claim

Insurance for Storm DamageA Minnesota Remodeling Solutions representative will perform a complete inspection of your entire home, from the foundation to the peak of the roof, including any personal property that has been damaged. If the damage warrants an insurance claim, you will have to initiate a claim (this is the only part of the process we cannot complete for you).
You will need to place a call to your agent or insurance company’s Claims Center and inform them of the damage to your home and the date it happened. After you have received your claim number from your insurance agent or Claim Center, contact our office and inform us of your claim number, adjuster’s name and phone number.
We will then contact the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim and schedule an appointment with the adjuster to meet at your home.

The Insurance Adjustment

Our restoration specialist will meet with the adjuster and discuss and point out damage to your property. We will then agree with the adjuster on the scope of the damage to your home.
If we feel that the adjuster is not accurately covering all of the damage to your home, we will request a different adjuster and re-inspection of your home. Over 95 percent of our re-inspections with a new adjusters are 100 percent approved.
As soon as the adjustment is complete, we will contact you and inform you of theoutcome.

After the Adjustment

After the claim is approved, your insurance company will send you a written estimate in the mail. This can take up to 2 weeks depending on the adjuster and the insurance company.
A week after you receive your insurance estimate, you will receive the insurance check for the actual cash value amount of your claim. Once you have received the insurance estimate and the check, please call our office to schedule a time for your restoration specialist to come to your home to meet with you.
At this appointment, your restoration specialist will assist you in selecting the new building materials for your home, getting all of the necessary paperwork filled out, and reviewing the insurance estimate. If the insurance estimate is missing minor items that were not initially discussed with the adjuster during the adjustment, we can usually correct these items with a phone call. However, if the insurance estimate is incomplete or inaccurate, a re-inspection will be needed.
After all of the necessary paperwork and the material selections have been made, your restoration specialist will hand the job over to our production staff.

The Work Begins:

A member of our production staff will contact you within a week of receiving your restoration paperwork and selections to schedule the beginning of your project. At this time, a letter will be sent out to your neighbors to inform them that there will be crews in the neighborhood restoring your home. That way, we hope to cause as little disruption or inconvenience for the people around you as much as possible.
Our production staff will inform you of the estimated delivery of the materials and dumpster to your property. The production typically takes place the day after your material drops; barring inclement weather. If there is any change to the schedule, you will be notified immediately by someone from our production staff.
Once your home is restored, both you and our production field manager will perform a complete inspection of your home and property to ensure the work completed meets our standards and most importantly your satisfaction.
After completion, we will invoice your insurance company directly for the remaining depreciation or balance of the claim. Once you receive this check, contact our office and your restoration specialist will come to your home to pick up the final check and complete the final inspection to ensure you are satisfied with the work performed.

Experience Matters:

Using an experienced restoration contractor like Minnesota Remodeling Solutions, will ensure that you are satisfied and your home is restored quickly. Unfortunately, insurance restoration is an area of specialty that a lot of contractors do not concern themselves with.
Using our knowledge and experience, we promise you that your entire restoration process will be completed in a prompt and professional manner.Insurance companies hire professionals to represent them, you should too!

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